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I believe that motion or what I like to call special team's is the key to a succesfull hunt, especially on slow days. imagine walking into a room full of people and thier all standing perfectly still, it would be a little od right??? ducks, especially weary ones have can see this.

I'll give you examples by how i lay my spread. the first thing i put out is a jerk a spreader. it's a metal rod type thing that suspends 4 decoys so when you pull on the all of them move. put three of these spreaders out on the line to move 12 with one pull of the cord.

the spinning wing decoys have in my opinon have used so much that i think ducks can tell what they are. using one in early season is effective, but i suggest putting out several, when i hunt with my dad and his friends we all bring at least one or two, and we have had as many as six in our spread at once, it looks like a flight, we also use the vortex which spins the two spinning birds around in a circle, that works good to, but the best thing you can do is put waves in your decoys, motionless water is a definate spook. the jerk a spreader is the best way to solve that problem, also things that splash make good motion too. whach them in nature they splash alot.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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