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Well, I just came up from my "fort"....painted a Blackduck head this morning....I tried a different approach to blending the black with the olive/browns/khaki of the head....I used a splatter technique....and am very pleased with the results! :getdown:

In general, I set a base coat last evening of the tan I wanted....then this morning I mixed a dark sienna with a tad of black....dipped a stiff bristle toothbrush and dabbed it on a paper....dragged my index finger across the bristles and 'sprayed'/'splattered' the paint on the head....varied amounts here-n-there and the effect is awesome! To finish I dry brushed black across the top of the head and down to the base of the neck as well as across the eyes....bill is olive with a bit of ochre....will finish of the nostrils and and splashes of black on the bill later.

If you have not tried the splatter ... you may wish to give it a try sometime, especially in vermiculated areas of the side pockets or heads. I will use this process more often and will keep experimenting on mixing etc.
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