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Sportdog 400S e-collar

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Good morning. I was wondering if I could get some of your help with an ecollar. I just bought the Sportdog 400S ecollar to work with my yellow lab. I bought it on Saturday, charged it for 24 hours as instructed, and used it for the first time on Sunday. The collar has 8 levels. He responds well to 1 or 2 depending on the situation. I've been working with him for about 30-45 minutes twice a day for Sun, Mon, and Tues. He's been very obedient and responsive, and has really seemed to enjoy it . . . no complications. We went out this morning and I could not get him to respond. It was if the collar wasn't working. I rechecked the fit, and just like the DVD said, it was tigh enough to stick one finger under ther collar. So, I went up to 3, and he still wasn't responding. I finished the walk and took him back inside. We were in the elevator, and I told him to sit. He didn't respond, I used the collar, now on 3, and he yelped.

The collar is supposed to be good for 20 hours, and the transmitter for 40, on a full charge. I haven't charged since Sunday, but like I said, I've only used it about 4.5 hours, and I turn it off after each use.

I'm wondering if this needs to be charged more frequently, or maybe this transmitter is weak (though I was only 25-30 feet away before the elevator). Has anyone used this collar? I'm wondering if its an inferior collar, and maybe I'd be better with Dogtra or something else. The people at customer service weren't very helpful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pete :help:
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Couple of things going on here, I suspect:

1) you should charge up your collar for the first time, which you have done, however, you need to run it or leave it on until it completely discharges...then charge it should be good there.

2) always keep your collar on the charger when you are not using can't overcharge it, and it will always be ready for you.

3) the dogs hair can sometimes hinder the prongs from getting to the skin. I would bet that after some running around, the probes worked there way onto the dogs skin, seeming like an intermitant response....if nothing else, check to see if it is working on the palm of your bet is that the hair got in the way....let me know if you have any more questions...

typically, you want it high up on the neck and to one side or another. This will prevent the collar from moving around....where are you located? Now that the hunting season is over, I will be doing alot of training on the weekends...also, I found a retriever club near Manassas and there is another one in Southern Maryland. If your interested in training, or want some help with the collar, I would be glad to help.

I have the Sport Dog 1200 and like it alot, however, with the new dog, I went with the Tritronics G3 Sport. I like this one just as well as the SportDog.....

I train out there all the time with the pup...nice big area to train. I will let you know about the training club in Manassas...

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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