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I know someone can give me some tips to catching spring bass besides catching them on the beds with lizards, crawfish, and such. What to fish and what structure to fish it. I know a rouge, spinnerbait, senko, and buzzbaits are good. What color buzzbaits?

What other kinda top water baits are good? :thumbsup:
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This is what you gotta do. Find some grass. Take a Zoom Super Fluke. Fish it on top walk the dog style. Bass cant resist.
orangefoot said:
Any particular color fluke? :thumbsup: Does it only work around grass?
I love it in Watermelon Red or something close. Any kind of cover will do.
Where are you going to be fishing at?
Well I hope this helps.
Good Luck :thumbsup:
They havent spawned yet at Toledo Bend yet Grappler. Was there this week. Water is still to cold.
We cought alot of fish that were 13 3/4 in. Its very frustrating when you are fishing for keepers.
duckhnter4life said:
hey mamou do yall ever get any duks or geese out there my dad has a farm out there and is completely sorounded my rice fields and he says he never sees anyhting but i just cant believe with all that water that nothing comes around.
He has a farm in Mamou?

If so we get lots of ducks and geese here. Mostly teal and spoons with a heavy sprinkling of big ducks also. We get lots of geese all snows, blues, and specks.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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