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I know someone can give me some tips to catching spring bass besides catching them on the beds with lizards, crawfish, and such. What to fish and what structure to fish it. I know a rouge, spinnerbait, senko, and buzzbaits are good. What color buzzbaits?

What other kinda top water baits are good? :thumbsup:
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orangefoot the fluke works best IMO when bass are schooling and chasing for the buzzbait i have always found that white, or black work the best...but it is more of an irritation strike on buzzers anyway...i am not an expert by any means and you will probably get several different opinions...try them all and use what works best for you in your area...the spitn image or a rebel POP'R are one of my favorites as well as a Zara Spook...that thing is killer on a calm day shallow or deep water...bounce spinnerbaits and crankbaits off of stumps and stop reeling letting them sink or rise and that is usually when you will get bit the hardest on those...hope this helps a little...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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