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Spyder Imagine Paintball gun package for sale

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I have an almost new Spyder Imagine paintball gun for sale. I've played 5 or 6 times at the most with it. Just a few minor scratches that are hardly noticable; this gun was taken care of like a firearm and was cleaned and oiled after every use. Awesome gun! I've never chopped a ball with it. Easy to take apart and put back together. The guts have also been oiled and lubed after each time I played. Great gun for a beginning to intermediate player who is looking for a good gun at a good price.
The gun includes:
* IPI system 3.0 (intelligent push-button indicator)
* Firing modes include semi-auto, 3 bursts, and full auto(with two rates of speed; slow and fast)
* LED light display format
* 9 1/2" aluminum barrel
* Reactive trigger response, up to 14 shots/sec
* Vizion TM rear cocking system
* Two trigger finger w/regulation trigger guard
* Anti-double feed (ball detent)
* Adjustable trigger pull
* Expansion chamber with foregrip
* Tournament velocity adjuster
* Vertical ball feed
* Low pressure chamber
* Bottom-line set-up with stainless steel hose
* Quick disconnect pin
* Battery indicator
* External recharge port
* Operates on C02 or compressed air
* Comes with battery and charger

Also included are two tanks, a 12 oz (the pin is jammed but if you send it back to kingman they'll replace it, I've done it twice before) and a 20 oz, a face mask (modified to be much more comfortable), a squeegie, a WGP barrel condom, a cheapie barrel plug, 3 pods (1 shocktech 1 redz 1 pbvirus), 1 hopper, 1 elbow (cracked, but its a $2 part or a cheap fix, just need some epoxy), 1000 Draxxus Dusk paintballs (half blue/copper with pink fill and half white/red with white fill), a sight rail, an extra cup seal, and two O rings.


Everything is located in Sun Prairie, WI (just NE of Madison). The first $140 takes it. Will think about trades.
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HAHAHA someone got outsmarted by frazier!!! good work detective! lol
Not really, that's just the gun. The battery and charger is another $9, the paintballs are $25 (those midas touch are horrible, i've played with them), condom $4, cable squeegie $7, the two tanks $40, hopper + elbow another $5, goggles are $24, and the gun is $110. Added together that makes $220. I think $140 is a much better price, but that's just me. Look who got outsmarted now :yes:
Yep that's $200. Mine has everything there plus a 20 oz tank, a barrel condom, and 1000 rounds of paint. I paid $25 for the paint, $20 for the tank and $5 for the barrel condom. Maybe my math is wrong but I think 140 is less than 200....
Sold Pending Payment
glad you could sell for $140, the future it is best to add up what you have invested and cut that by 50% or 60% depending on what the current going rate it.
Not really fraz. It all depends on the condition, age, use etc. My stuff is in like new condition. It's also better to start off with a higher price as you can always come down, but can never go up. I don't kow why you think you should cut things 50%, that's a lot. IMO it's always better to see if you can get more money for it, then gradually lower your price, unless you're in a hurry to get rid of it. You don't see people selling timmys and angels in good condition for $400 (roughly 60%, as you suggested). The same goes with cars. People don't find the blue book value and cut it by 50%. They start by posting the price very close to the bbv, then if it doesn't sell they slowly work their way down.
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