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Gotten a few PMs so I figured this is way easier than typing it a few times.

I believe it is a 16' Old Town Discovery Sport. Would have to measure to be exact. 3 seats, oar locks and what appears to be a homemade weight bracing under all seats.

Rated for a 4 or 5 horse, 1600lb weight rating and 830 with a motor. Thing is pretty darn wide and stable.

Weighs around 113lb.

Made of polyethylene.

Shows some scratches.

The bad is there was at some point a crack or hole (I'm not sure as I haven't removed the old patch). It was full of water when I found it and does not seem to leak when I have taken it out so the patch works. Just is ugly is all. If I were keeping it I would make a nicer patch. Which I am told Grace Ice and Water shield for roofs is the preferred method for this material. Clean the hull, apply and give some heat.

The transom wood also will need replacing most likely if you were to use a outboard. Might be ok for a trolling motor.

I'm not really sure what to say on price, maybe 400 for DHC. New is 1500. No registration but I'll write a bill of sale so you could register it.

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