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stealth 1200 need advice.........

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im thinkin about buying this boat for back waters. how hard is this thing to manover. can it be paddled, poled, or oared? some times i may have to travel on the water hundereds of yards and dont want to get warn out. thanks....never knew duck hunting could be so adicting,,,,,,,,,,,,
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I bought my stealth 1200 last year and used it throughout duck season in many different situations. It is stable and very easy to manuver. The stability of the boat is due to the catamaran style hull. I have stood in the floor of the boat, on the seat, and with a foot on each gunall and it did great. I have both paddled and poled it and had no problems. It really is easy to get it moving along at a decent clip. You will not go wrong.
One other thing, even though they do not advise it, I have carried an adult 80lb lab, 5 dozen decoys, 3 guns, ammo, and three men in the boat. We had to sit one of us on each side and one up on the front but it was smooth as silk and still easy to paddle.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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