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I just sketched a pattern that I liked onto some thin cardboard and cut it out with a razor. I used a wagner power sprayer for the brown base-coat, because it was alot faster and it used way less paint. Then I took the stencil and held it up with tape and sprayed with the grass patterns I made. If you just blast the whole stencil you use twice as much paint with poorer results. The one thing about using the stencil is if you get paint on the back of it, or it really starts running on the front of it, let it dry and then go back to it. I ended up with a couple little smudge marks that might not be noticed by anyone else or the ducks, but they bother the heck out of me. Also, next time I'm going to use a thin lexan sheet to make the stencil rather than card board. The whole process only took me about three hours to do the entire thing, not counting drying time.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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