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Stinkin *****

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Went to catch chubs for catfishing and got hung in a sycamore tree.that jutted out over the "chub hole" so I climbed out to retrieven my hook.
There I found an empty duck nest save the egg shells.And then on the bank more egg shells.
My guess is a **** got them.
Doggone predators got a whole clutch of eggs. :pissed:
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I know it sucks but that is part of nature.
*ques up the song 'Circle of Life' from the movie "Lion King" * sucks to see that, but like Greg said. it's the way it is. i would be more upset if it was apparent that some kids found the nest and trashed it.
I saw a funny thing the other day. There was a mallard hen walking down the side walk in an extremely urban area. The hen had about 10 ducklings with her. Hope the ducklings make it! It was just funny seeing them walk right down the sidewalk like it was there for them.

Saw four goslings with a couple Canadas over the weekend too! I love seeing that kind of stuff.

There's the other side of things for you Muskrat. Makes up for some of the lost eggs. :thumbsup:
Yea I know its just part of nature ect. But I still would rather have seen a bunch of baby ducks.I suppose the Ol **** gotta eat too!
Did anyone see the story about the hen mallard that built her nest outside of the FBI building in DC. Some of the agents actually put up a steel fence around the nest area to keep any harm from coming their way. They said when the eggs hatch they are going to be moved to a more natural setting. Pretty neat story. :salude:
that is cool.

back on Solomon's Island, MD where my folks still live, there is an area by the marina that usually sports a number of hatchlings each year. so much so that they have even put up a "Duck Crossing" sign..with a pic of a big mommy duck being followed by her little ones. lol.

not unusual to come around the corner and have to wait for them to mosey on across the road.
Not really a part of nature to have red fox on the priaries--they were introduced via England.

The ducks need 15 to 20% sucess on the nest to break even. All the studies I have read about are 0 to 20% with an average of 8% :eek: Which means less and less ducks each year--all due to predators/lack of suitable grassalnds. Red fox and **** are tied for about 25-30% and then Mink and skunks at 15-20% each.

The loss of grassland nesting habitat is appalling in the Dakotas and CA. It is the least amount of grasslands since CRP started IMO which does NOT bode well for the overall duck population.

You Pheasnt hunters will understand this--how long does a dog take to cover 160 acres looking for pheasants? So how long do you think a red fox which depends on their life to obtain food would take to find a nesting duck or pheasant? Bottom line is large tracks of grasslands (40% of the township is the threshold for highest natural nesting conditions) is what is needed to obtain 30% nesting success, where the grasslands are hardly available, it success is zero-yes 0 % nesting sucess because the birds are so concentrated and thus easy for the predators to find. :pissed:

On a side note, I was pleased to see more winter wheat being planted in ND than ever before which can be of help.
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hopefully they will have more predator management areas like they do in canada. nest success went way up without predators.
If we all shot one **** or cyote a year I wonder if it would even put a dent in their population. I have no problem with that I normally get one or two with my truck. :mrgreen: Anyways I'm gonna try trappin ***** around my slough and see what happens.
Leave the coyotes alone. This is why, they are a less descuctive predator. Meaning they eat a lot less ducks than foxes do. Where there are coyotes, they will kill of push out all the red foxes-as such, the coyotes range is 3 to 4 times bigger than a fox is, thus, there will be 3 to 4 times less predatation where coyotes are compared to where red fox are.

So kill the red foxes, *****, minks, and crows. :thumbsup:
Nice pic hope to get some of those soon. Nothing has hatched in the area yet.
I've killed on the average of 20 ***** and 50 possums a year the last 3 years. Not managin predators or nothin, just some drunk fun. No firearms either :salude:
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