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Stoeger Condor Compitition &/or Remington SPR

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Looking at decent but not expensive O/U.

The Stoeger Condor Comp. feels really good, especially with the adjustable comb. $560

The Remington SPR also is nice and the Nickel receiver looks good. Remington is lighter. $680

Also looking at a Beretta 390 black, used @$450.

Any thoughts or issues with these guns???
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What are you going to use the gun for? If it is a fowling piece I would stay away from a competition gun for a few reasons. First off, most clays guns have longer LOP than field guns which can hamper shouldering- especially w/ heavy clothing. Granted, you said it fits you better but make sure that fit is still good with a quad parka on. Secondly, and very important is many competition guns do not have the same amount and type of finish on the wood as field models, especially underneath the forearm and at the wood-to-metal junctions, making them very susceptible so absorbing water in inclement weather.

Between the 3 guns you mentioned, I'd go with the used 390 as it is a better made piece than the Spartan and the Stoeger. Not that the others aren't good guns, they are (I have an old Baikal 20 that is, like hamer said, a tank) but the Beretta is simply more refined and better assembled from higher quality materials...IMHO.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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