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We had a heck of a storm here in the Northeast this past weekend. Hunting was difficult - ice is already in some areas of the salt marshes which was compounded by the snow and thus many launches were unusable. Other launches were open, but exposed to steady 35mph winds.

I managed to get to a sheltered inlet at the mouth of a freshwater stream and had a good hunt on mallards and blacks. Lot's of Blacks around. With all the driving around in the blizzard I only had an hour of shooting time left and managed two drakes and a black. I lost one unfortunately. I thought is was hit hard and all I did was turn my back for less than a minute unsecuring the boat - and it was gone.

This storm has brought new birds in while some shipped out. I sure wish I could be out there today. Tides later this week will allow for good afternoon hunt planned for Friday and good morning hunts on the weekend.
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