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Which do you prefer?
Solid wooden111.11%
Spilt wooden222.22%
Doesn't matter111.11%
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What is you preferance?
I prefer to use split wooden streachers for all my fur that is case skined. I do use the other two types as well but don't like them as much.

rats get wire
mink get wood
otter get wood
***** get both

I honestly have never known anyone to use wooden stretchers. I guess, I always thought they were a thing of the past since wire came on the scene.

Why is it you guys prefer wooden ones, and do you make them your selves or do you buy them?
I make my own and I prefer the wooden strechers because you can shape the butt end of the pelt better also they don't rust and leave stains on the pelts.
i use wood on all of my higher $$ pelts it makes them look fuller
cool :thumbsup:
most all i use them for are ***** and dogs but i use wire
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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