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Welcome to the world of waterfowling... as I think that has happened to many of us repeatedly over the years....Hahahahaa

I suspect 3 basic scenarios..
1 That they migrated--especially if the were Teal or Woodies
2 They found better food or resting area somewhere else.
3 Somebody gunned them already. When the roost gets gunned, they will not return as a rule. Often if I find a small wetland loaded with ducks, I'll chase off the birds and not fire a shot. I'll set out a few decoys and then wait and they will came back in singles, small flocks and I'll have good shooting. Now if I shoot right away, the vast majority will not come back that day, if ever that week. A disturbed roost-especially in the late afternoon is the #1 reason will move on prematurely (not from forces of nature, weather, etc..)

OH and there is a wild card too... none of the above happened :laughing:
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