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I just received a copy of Swampers Surf-n-Turf. This is an outstanding video featuring (about 40 minute's worth) seaducking off the RI coast. There's a little bit og field hunting Canadas, but mostly it is focused on eider and scoter....along with a few long-tails.

These guys do a tremendous job....they are regular hunters like all of us, but by adding videography they have taken the hunting a step up.

I know we all need to see some more of this type of hunting (divers and seaducks) on videos to supplement our off season desires.....and I thoroughly enjoyed the hunts....sound is excellent, they have some great shots of geese waffling through a hazed sun, sea smoke with a lighthouse in the background and some great shooting.

I got it through their web site which I recall is $15 and I got it within two days' of placing my order.

This is not SPAM.......just thought I would pass on the info I was able to find. I have no interest or financial gain etc. from this post! Enjoy the DVD!
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