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For sale is an all acrylic clear barrel/red insert single reed swamp thing original mallard call. It has really good range is a mid volume call will ring and is smooth running all the way to the ducky bottom end. It is in great shape never been hunting or on a lanyard it has just been sitting in my collection. The only visible flaw is a very very small ding in the end of the insert. If I did not tell you about it you might never have even noticed it. For DHC members I will send a sound file of what the call sounds like if you pm me with your E-mail add, and are interested in this call.
This is a great call one of my personal favorites and I hate to get rid of it, but I have two and need money to feed my custom call addiction.

I would really like to get $75 shipped for this call.

the other one I have is kelly green it has been hunted though I would sell that one for the same price if you would rather.

As usual I will entertain trade offers for other duck calls as well.
Thanks for looking.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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