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I'm gonna be at my in-law's the weekend of December 20-21. Anyone wanna swap-a-hunt and take me and my hunting partner, Boggs, out for a weekend of hunting? Btw, Boggs is a well-trained hunting dog that is working at the AKC Master Level. He's like American Express....I don't leave home without him. I have plenty of equipment I can bring to the table to bring with me if you need me to, just let me know.

I can get you out for some excellent duck, goose, or combo hunt here in NY. Our goose limits are very liberal, allowing for us to kill 5/day in some zones. And we have a March Canada Goose season for anyone who wants to get out and after em then.

My in-laws live in Marblehead, but I'm willing to travel a couple hours if I need to.


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