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Swimming ???

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Last week I took my 1yr old lab pup for his first swim :no: . The only excuse is I was hunting my other dog all fall. My questions is My lab swam great head barley above water and was suprisingly fast he can easily out swim my 18mo old dog that has a season under her belt already. When I was done swimming my pup a friend got his 16 week old chessie out to show me he had started letting him swim also. The little guy would swim in an almost upright position really making us nervous. I told my friend that I think he will figure it out and swim fine with time and maturity. Am I right or should we be introducing him in a certian way to get fimaliar with swiming level with the water. I belive the pup is like any other juvenile he just needs some time and he will relax and come into his own......Any thoughts as to wether we should be concerned or tips on helping him get leveled out when he swims.......Lostpup
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When my pup was little, his swimming vertically was my cue that he was getting tired.
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