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T. M. Goodwin WMA

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I am new to florida and have been checking out the duck hunting areas on line. I recently drove out to the TM Goodwin WMA entrance but could not actually drive onto the WMA. I looked around a bit and am curious as to whether a boat with a motor is absolutely necessary to be able to hunt it with any success? Or would a canoe or kayak make it possible to access the better spots? In Texas, I normally walked or canoes to my hunting spots, but those areas were a lot different. I noticed on the web site for it, that when you call in for a specific date to hunt you have to choose a "blind #." Is that right? and are the numbers on the map on this link the blind numbers?... ... oodwin.pdf
If noone can help me I know that I can go to the Check station and probably have them answer my questions. Thanks for any help.

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