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Last year we found a spot while traveling that was loaded with oldsquaw.This next year we are planning a trip to target them. I am assuming they will decoy in to our mixed bag of decoys, broads, redheads, cans, some whistlers and buffies. You all think i should purchase some oldsquaw dekes as well? Any thing else different from hunting any other diver?
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John, you probably should get some squaw dekes. Most of your shooting for them will be pass shooting but they will usually come in fairly close but they fly like the Hounds of Hell are chasing them. Think dove hunting while standing on a rocking chair with a gale blowing. Plan on 5-8 shots per bird.
We put ours off the bow. I'd say you will need 3 dozen minimum together in their own group. We used the bluebills to fill out the spread and make a bigger "spot"on the water. Probably what you'll do. Scoters would come into the dekes, too. Where I hunted for squaws was a "Seaduck Only" zone in the Bay so only squaws and scoters were legal there. Had to pass on the bills and the other divers that came in.
At the risk of starting an argument I've always thought that old squaw drakes were just about the prettiest duck there is.
Pit Boss, how were your decoys after that one set of shots??? :rofl: I still have the decoy my oldest son killed the first time he went hunting.
jehler said:
I am starting to vibrate with anticipation :yes:
You need to stand up and turn off the "toys".
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