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Last year we found a spot while traveling that was loaded with oldsquaw.This next year we are planning a trip to target them. I am assuming they will decoy in to our mixed bag of decoys, broads, redheads, cans, some whistlers and buffies. You all think i should purchase some oldsquaw dekes as well? Any thing else different from hunting any other diver?
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If you have time, it doesn't take much effort to make them out of foam, and you can make thm a little more accurate than Mallard bodies. I just finished up 8 Oldsquaws that I made out of Cedar. I used zip ties for the tails.
I've had great luck with them decoying, but they die hard, and bleed all over the boat.
I've got to finish the painting, and I plan on posting the photos.
Hands down my fovorite duck to hunt above all others is the Old Squaws. I love seeing a group of them steaming in with their gear down. Those pictures are fantastic to say the least. PLEASE Have calendars made so i can see that every day.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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