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Last year we found a spot while traveling that was loaded with oldsquaw.This next year we are planning a trip to target them. I am assuming they will decoy in to our mixed bag of decoys, broads, redheads, cans, some whistlers and buffies. You all think i should purchase some oldsquaw dekes as well? Any thing else different from hunting any other diver?
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If cost is a concern. You can paint up some GHG hot buys Lots of info on painting decoys into other species on the decoy page. Thats what I did my partner bought the knudsen decoys we now have 3 doz squaws 1 doz generic (all black ) scoters had a great time on lake michigan
Hey Jeff any idea on when GHG is comming out with the squaw dekes? They have not updated the decoy site in awhile.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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