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Has anyone else been out hunting this week. We have had a most excellent week of hunting with Mallard after flocks of mallards working with us, but due to the hard freeze and winter weather last night everything is locked up froze solid. This is nothing new as I have been hunting since the early 80's and have seen freezes harder than this, but in the past we have always just continued to hunt the rivers and back water with current in them and usually just slaughtered the ducks, but after this mornings hunt, I am going to have to say the ducks have already headed a little further south.

I was just wondering if anyone else has made this observation this year, used to be the ducks would move to "open" water, but I think that instead of them moving across town, the took a international trip this time.

Oh well, if the old airplane will start this afternoon, I am going to head out and see if there are any large concentrations in NE Arkansas. Everybody have a Merry Christmas.
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