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Got down to hunt over the holiday while visiting my family.....Thursday was slow at an old haunt that I had not been to in 15 years...took one Black....on Fri pm I got out to another old spot and had a pr of mallards swoop in and I took the drake....then with only a couple minutes left in shooting time I had three Canadas set wings and coast intot he mallard blocks.....only one left!

On Sat it was one of those banner mornings....four of us limited on mallards at a tiny farm pond - took about 15 minutes!....then we moved into the cornfield with only 10 BF dekes and took another limit of Canadas! And we never saw the main flight! In fact as we were leaving the farm about 300 geese were pitching into and around that little pond.

My friend is a guide and he has THE location with alot of blinds and many 100's of acres of corn. He still has a few opennings in Dec - if interested in getting contact dat....send me a PM
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