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heres what i usually do cause its easy and tastes the best in my opinion.
first shoot some ducks in the face and breast em out. be sure to rinse well and check for steel. if your gonna freeze em put em in a ziplock bag with enough water to cover all the meat. if i freeze mine i usually sprinkle a good bit of salt in the water with em. if you plan on eatin them soon go ahead and start soakin the meat in milk and put in the fridge until you're ready to marinade them. about a day before im ready to cook i mix up a marinade that usually consists of some stuff like this:

jack daniels bbq sauce, worchesire sauce, a little bit of Allegros hickory smoke marinade, and a little bit of A1 bold steak sauce.
all of these ingredients should be mixed together and make enough to cover each breast. I usually let mine marinade at least overnight.

when your ready to cook take each breast and tenderize it. i guess you could use a meat tenderizer but i always use a fork and stab each peice about 10 or 15 times oh yea save your marinade u made.
once youve done that, youll need to cube up some pepperjack cheese and get some sliced jalapeno peppers.

wrap each breast around a cube and a slice of jalapeno, then wrap a peice of bacon around the breast. use a toothpick to keep it all together.

throw em on the grill and glaze each side once or twice with the marinade you saved while their cookin. most important thing is DONT OVERCOOK. they should have a little pink left in the meat. just not red. if you overcook em they'll be tough.

if you do this with teal breast, sometimes the cheese will melt out..... just not a big enough breast. it usually happens to me when im grillin teal. i try to make the cheese cubes smaller and sometimes they wont melt out. but either way, they'll still taste very good.
so good it'l make you slap yo mamma!
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