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In 1996 there was a 985,000 gallon diesel spill into approximately five miles of the Reedy River between Greenville and Boyd's Mill Pond. Shortly after the spill, Colonial Pipeline (Company Responsible) formed the Reedy River Wetland Restoration and Enhancement Project, which was administered through The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as mitigation for the detrimental effects to the wildlife along the river. In a partnership with this new project and SCDNR, SCWA built, installed and are maintaining 500 wood duck nest boxes along the river between Greenville and Lake Greenwood. The boxes were installed deep in the nearly inaccessible sloughs, beaver swamps and narrow currents of the river, and they were also installed on the open waters of Boyd's Mill Pond and Lake Greenwood. These boxes not only will help produce healthy numbers of wood ducks and other birds that nest in the boxes, but also they serve as a sign of habitat improvement/conservation that hopefully will show the fishermen, hunters and boaters that we all need to be thinking of ways to improve our outdoors and protect them.
An SCWA field crew of four began the nest box installations on the Reedy River on January 6, 2002. Because of the lack of access and high number of nest boxes the project was not completed until April 8- a daunting task for a crew of four. The next crew began collecting data and cleaning out the boxes on the first week of July and ended August 9. Many wood ducks begin nesting as early as mid-March and occasionally in February during warm spells. With the late installations on the Reedy many of the wood ducks did not have a chance to locate and use the boxes. For the late start, drought and a first nesting year the numbers below are exceptional.

Reedy River Statistics:

Wood Ducks
500 boxes
35 wood duck nests
27 successful nests (77.1 % success rate)
243 total wood duck eggs
191 hatched (78.6 % hatch rate)

Non-target Species
11 Bluebird nests
52 Carolina Wren nests
1 Prothonatary Warbler nests
6 Great Crested Flycatcher nests
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