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Hi All
well my 6month old lab has turned into a thief.She comes walking into the room looks around to see what she can grab and then out the door she goes.
Short of locking everthing down any one have any ideas how to stop this.
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put a leash on her for a little while, it will give her a "handle" and make it easier to get a hold of her. This is a dominance/obedience issue. She has to learn that she cannot decide what she wants to play with, which brings up a question. Are you getting her plenty of exercise?
beef up the obedience on the dog. The dog needs to know when to behave and when to horse around. If the dog is too out of control then a little time in the crate to "think about things" may be in order.

It is ok to play with the dog in the house some, but not all the time. There are certain house manners the dog needs to learn, just like going to the bathroom inside is not appropriate, running around the house out of control is no less acceptable. Sounds like you are going to have to explain this to the wife and kids this also. If you figure out the wife and kids thing let me know. :wink:
Caliee . . . or, if you don't want the dog to get it put the dog where she can't get it. Both ways work. :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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