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Hi All
well my 6month old lab has turned into a thief.She comes walking into the room looks around to see what she can grab and then out the door she goes.
Short of locking everthing down any one have any ideas how to stop this.
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yes She get lots of exercise.The problem is she just wants to play all the time and if you don't pay attention to her 24/7 she makes it so you have to.
Because she's had the kids and wife run after her she knows that it's a game with them but with me she'll bring whatever she has back and give it up.
I think what I realy need to know is how do I train the wife and kids not to play the game by running after her. :no:
She doesn't do it to me, just them so I don't think the dog's the one in the wrong.
I think the wife and kids need to get introduced to the healing stick :wink:
yep you got that right
My way of looking at it is if you don't want the dog to take it then put it where she can't get it. duh :rolleyes:
Thanks for listening I just needed to vent wasn't realy looking for a true answere.
Thats what I ve been working on with her and it works for me but I just need everyone in the house on the same page :rofl: good luck
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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