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Hi All
well my 6month old lab has turned into a thief.She comes walking into the room looks around to see what she can grab and then out the door she goes.
Short of locking everthing down any one have any ideas how to stop this.
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Maybe you need a shock collar.... For the wife and kids. :rofl: :rofl:
Just kidding... Sedriously though sounds like your dog knows you to be the alpha male and your wife and children as packmates. That is why she "plays" with them and obeys you. My lab used to do that. I taught my wife and kids not to allow my dog to do that.
I Never take things out of my dogs mouth. I make him either drop it on the ground or in my hand. This shows dominance. If you take it away from him he will not think of you as the Alpha. If you make him give it to you then he will always know that you are the alpha. This is the way pack animals act. But that is just my opinion.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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