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Two buddies were drinking at the bar one night and one got a little too drunk and puked on himself. He told his buddy that his wife was going to kill him when he got home, because he had ruined his shirt.

His buddy told him not to sweat it. He said "just put a 20 dollar bill in your shirt pocket and tell her that some drunk at the bar puked on you and gave you 20 bucks to get it cleaned because he felt bad."

He thought that was great idea, so they continued drinking. Much later that night he stumbled home to his less than happy wife. As he she started to ride him about the shirt he broke into the story just as he had rehearsed. He slurred all the way through, but she bought it.

As she took the money, she noticed that there was actually $40 and she asked him about it.

He calmly replied, "yeah, he crapped in my pants too" :toofunny:
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