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This last Saturday of late goose had to be one of the best days of waterfowling that I've had in some time. Set up the decoys, finished around 6:55. Went about 1/4mi. down Rt. 388, up Rt. 422 E, had a big breakfast. Came back; as I was putting on the warm jacket & socks I heard honking behind my buddy's house ( a ways back - just far enough to get you excited). Got into my "blind" - basically, a small tree & some 3ft tall brush & weeds. Gave a couple of clucks to let the geese know I'm there.
8:30 - I heard clucks. Loud, getting louder. Here come a pair; they see the dekes. I gave them first the "duh, duh, duh" feeding calls. They're sort of interested. When they flew out to about 100yds I started the comebacks. Boy, was I pleading w/ that pair! That comeback got 'em; some more feeding chuckle put them right in. A blast of steel no.2 put one down. Then - my gun jammed (o.k., I probably short - shucked); the other got away :eek: . A slapper load finished off the one on the ground.
As I walked back to my blind, I heard distant clucks. More! Got some more shells, started the feeding chuckle/ comeback routine. They committed. Another blast, another bird. Cleanly missed another :oops: . But, w/ that much success this late in the season, I could not have been happier. Two in the freezer, more if I can make it out Tuesday afternoon - or, more likely, next September. :thumbsup:
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