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Three Anglers Cited For Having Too Many Walleye

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PIERRE, S.D. - Fishing at some Eastern South Dakota lakes has recently been good. In fact, too good for some Dry Lake anglers to obey South Dakota's angling laws.

According to Dave Wicks, Game, Fish and Parks regional law enforcement specialist from Watertown, Gary Meyer, 69, Ringsted Iowa, Allen Meyer, 47, Ringsted, Iowa, and Nicholas Meyer, 30, Brookings, S.D., were issued citations on Saturday, June 18, for possessing too many walleye.

"We received a tip earlier in the day that a boat with the three individuals had left the lake with a limit of walleyes and then returned to catch more," Wicks said. "Conservation Officers Martin Yost, Tony Stokely and Kraig Haase located and apprehended the three individuals at Dry Lake #2."

Each person was charged for being four walleye over the limit and convicted in Clark County court on June 27. Each received fines of $244, 1-year loss of fishing privileges and pending civil damages in the amount of $200 per individual.

"This is another example of how some anglers get greedy when the fishing gets really good," Wicks said. "Some anglers forget that walleye are a limited resource, which is why South Dakota has daily and possession limits. There are younger generations wanting to fish, and with this kind of activity occurring, the resource will not last. Enforcing wildlife laws are a must to let younger generations be able to grow up with the enjoyment that anglers are experiencing now."

Wicks noted that Game, Fish, and Parks works very hard and feels it is important that everybody gets their "fair share" of the resource. "There are a lot of good, honest sportsmen that abide by South Dakota's laws every day, and we really appreciate that," he said. "The department also appreciates the good people who are willing to get involved and make that important Turn In Poachers (TIPs) call whenever hunting and fishing violations are witnessed. Lets keep the fishing tradition alive and help to make it last as long as possible."

Anyone who sees a violation should call the TIPs hotline at (800) 592-5522 and give as much information as possible.
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