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svedbygrace1987 said:
I paid $90 for an "like new, mint, never been on a layard" RNT Short Barrel, I do not know the guys username as he contacted me via text message regarding a posting I had posted on here wanting to buy an RNT SB or Microhen in Boots on Color. The call came in with a big chip out of the insert, two cracks in the insert and a crack in the barrel.

I wrote him right away and he immediately got extremely defensive (as seen in screen shots of his texts below) which tells me that he knew what was up in the first place. I called him and told him I wanted my money back and would send the call back and he claims the call was shipped in perfect condition and told me "I can send the call back but if I send a chipped call back he isn't giving me my money back and I can go find a lawyer." He was cool with me sending the money as a gift so the 3% wouldn't be taken out for him and then made sure to let me know I should have paid the 3% extra to paypal to rub it in.

After going back and forth and me trying to reason with him and him not owning up to what he had done he came out and said he had pictures of the call before it left the house… those of course never showed up after I asked for them over and over again. After saying he had pictures and I asked him to show them he hasn't answered any of my texts or calls since.

The only info I have of his is below so if anyone knows who this is please help me out...

Address is:

Naperville, IL 60540

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^ Why??

Username on here is "KillerKowalski" I believe. Seen this username on IL forum page.
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