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Tow bar for a Layout boat.

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Does anyone have any pictures of a tow bar they use to keep the nose of their layout up to help get it planed behind their boat. Ive read a few posts that kind of talked about it but Id like a picture to see if the idea Ive got in my head matches with what you guys are actually using. My idea is to have a bar welded that extends out around the motor and just a tad higher than it sits trimmed out and on plane. I was going to mount a small trailer winch to the bar. this would help me dial in the right length to keep it where it will stayed planed. When I get to where im hunting I unclip the hook set the anchors and im ready to run decoys. I think it sounds good on paper anyways. Any thoughts?
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this is a picture of my 16 foot alumacraft towing a 350Lb fiberglass two man layout. I used two !" dia aluminum bars and fitted them to a junction block that also held an eye bolt for the tow line. I leveraged the bars down inside the rear handles on the transom and bolted through to the transom( so the bars would not slide down)... I took a support line on each side of the boat from each oar lock back to the junction block to take some of the load off the transom. I used a specially made up "harness" that went around the bow of the layout using the cleats on the layout and I attached my tow line UNDERNEATH the bow...since the special harness was fastened to the cleats the line didn't try to spin around the stayed put...and my attached tow line stayed UNDER the with lift.

this system worked great and I could actually cruise at 20 mph, as long as the waves were not to big and I didn't take turns sharp

I adjusted the length of the tow line from inside the 16 foot alumacraft to allow the layout to ride on my first wake

good luck

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