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I need a good compound bow, 55+ lbs pull, 31" draw, right handed, with arrows, quiver, and case. Will trade my duck and goose decoys and aluminum game carrier: There are 67 duck decoys, mallard, pintail, bluebill, ringneck, and teal(I think that's all). There are 5 Herters Snow Goose Decoys, 3 Canada Goose decoys, 12 snow goose shells with moveable heads, 4 Hovering Snow Goose Decoys, 4 Hovering Canada Goose Decoys. There are 4 mesh decoy bags, one of them has a hole near the bottom that needs to be sewed up. There is also an aluminum Game Carrier, 300 pound capacity. You can load up this carrier and literally move it around with one hand, it's that well balanced. Some of the decoys may have a small amount of mud on them and need to be washed off but they are all in excellent shape. I am in the San Diego, CA area. Contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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