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Trip Ideas

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Come the end of April or beginning of May I'll be taking an anniversary trip with my wife to the Keys. We're already planning on snorkeling Pennekamp, and making a day trip to Key West (be outta there before sundown or else those who play for the other team will get ya!!!).

I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas for some fun things for couples to do while in that area.
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OK, I can help you as I have been there many times. Go to the end of Duval St. and watch the sun set from the square. Do eat dinner at a place called "Duffy's" down on Truman Ave. Have the prime rib (split the meal, it's huge) and save room for the Key Lime Pie. It's the best we found. Go see all the tourest stuff, southern most point, Mile marker 0, Hemmingways house. Pirates museum was pretty cool too. Don't rush, don't point at people, relax and have fun. You are on island time. BTW breakfast at "Blue Heaven" is good too. If you have bikes, take them and take a lock. Parking is bad, but you can park in the Publix lot and then ride your bikes around town. It's only 2 miles by 4 miles square so no need for a car really. Taxi's are costly. Dinner at Conch Republic is good too and it is down on the water by the marina. Enjoy and take lots of pics.
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Jim, he is taking his wife down, not going down for spring break. :yes:
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