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Try this one on your local police officer.

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Ralph is running late again for work. Trying to make up time, he is driving as fast as he can if traffic. He goes under a bridge where a policeman is hiding.

Siren comes on and lights start flashing!

Ralph pulls over to the side of the road and starts getting his liceise and registration ready.

The policeman pulls up behind him and walks up to the window. Very sarcasticly, he says "Whats your big hurry mister? You a doctor? Late for an operation?"

Not setting right with Ralph, he quickly responds "Well YES, I am a DOCTOR, and I am late for a procedure."

"Procedure? What exactly do you do?"

Ralph thinks quickly again and says "Well, I'm a professional rectum expander!"

The policeman is almost speechless."Your a professional WHAT???"

"Rectum expander" replies Ralph. "I invented a hydralic machine that safely expands a rectum to about 6 feet"

Stunned, the policeman says "So let me get this straight. You basicly, ON PURPOSE, make a 6 foot a$$hole??? What do you do with a 6' a$$hole?????"

Ralph replies "Well they have their uses, but to most of them, we give them a badge & radar gun and hide them behind bridges!!"

Speeding ticket $189.00
Court fee $40.00

Look on policemans face PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That was GREAT. I'm going to C&P that and send it to my Trooper buddy.
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