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Being born and breed in Arkansas, I should take offense. I won't because, I took the test in the mid-80's and scored a 70%. I am sure I would have made a 100% if it were not for the lack of a good frame of referance. I missed the last three because,

1) In the 60's and early 70's there were not any vehilces in NWA that had a muffler.

2) Even though NE Oklahoma has several mines, NW Arkansas only has one. A cooper mine which went under a long time ago

3) As far as I know there never has been a County-Western singer from NWA, and by the local talent shows never will be. Although we have great folk singers.

Halfway through Engineering school I decided I just wanted to hunt.
This changed my outlook on school and I became the PO-PO. Now I hunt bad guys and build enough comp to hunt duck.

I did have two friends born in Georgia that grew up in Tennessee that made 100% on the exam. When asked why they didn't go to UT, they said that their SAT/ACT scores where too high and the counselor told them that they would not fit in.
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