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Hey Guys,
Can anyone pass some information about Umbagog game. I'm in Rangeley, ME (I just have not made it there yet) am planning to start scouting it out soon. I have a great lay out boat and 18' canoe [both electric motors] but no bigger gas powered boat; which is probably recommended due to travel distances or getting out in bad weather?
Fowl weather - pun intended. Any Info would be appreciated.
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This item has been viewed 40 times and no one has said anything like: "Hey, get out there in the canoe and check it out yourself"
or is it that good that no one dare say anything, hoping I will get discouraged and no go there????

Well fine, now I have to go . See ya out there. If you see a camouflaged canoe out there (hopefully still upright) please wave hello.

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