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Hi all

Im new to this whole eating "game" meats.

I was given 2 mallards on tuesday (shot on monday by a friend) which I hung in a shed until today when they have been butchered and put in a fridge this morning. Weather has been fairly mild around 6-7 degrees Celsius.
I guess first question is-

Are they still good to eat?

Is there anything i should be looking out for when i bring the meat out to cook it? (Parasites etc etc & how do i identify if there is something wrong with the meat)?

It is only the breats that have been cut off, so how do i check the meat is free from any shot etc?

What are peoples suggestions for cooking it?

Sorry for such newbie questions but would appreciate any advice anyone can give, and any other info i might need...

Look forward to hearing back from someone.


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At that temp they should be fine to eat. A lot of guys just eat the breasts but the legs are also worth eating. Lots of different recipes out there. Simple is season with Montreal steak seasoning and olive oil and grill to med rare. Wrapped in bacon is also great.

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