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North Jackson County

Date: June 18, 2005
Location: To be announced
Event Type: Banquet
Contact: Julie Rich
Phone: 256-437-2234
Email: [email protected]

Taking the Stevenson Duck Show on the road and going to the country. We'll be outdoors in the wonderful spring weather that we all love in North Jackson County. As plans progress we will update this site with location information. ALSO - be watching for our Greenwiong Day in May, we got a big one planned.

Rocking 'H' Round-Up

Date: June 18, 2005
Location: Rocking 'H' Ranch
Event Type: Outdoors Show
Contact: Stanley Huner
Phone: 205-871-8980
Email: [email protected]

We're not sure what to call the Rocking 'H' Round-Up so we marked Outdoor Show because it is outdoors and we put on a show (for the neighbors)...... Basically what you need to do is gather a team of about eight folks (we don't count very well so about is close enough)(if you can't find eight friends come anyway, you're probably not the only one, so we'll hook you up with seven other folks), then come on out to Stanley's hungry and ready for some fun. No equipment necessary - actually it's not allowed, but do bring yourself some refreshments and you may check with Ms. Jane about a side dish - Stan supplies the ribs and crayfish........Reservations recommended, fun loving required.
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