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Sorry I have not been posting for quite awhile folks....been out alot this season and the 'take' is not as good as in past years....the first season is over in NH and the new second is just starting here in Maine....not many migrant geese, the ducks have been average and there has been limited opportunities to be out on the has been very windy most weekends ....for example I made my way to Bug Light on Saturday I figured the north wind was swamping the launch and even though I knew a great spot to set up, I was unwilling to launch and trailer alone under those conditions.....ventured south all the way to Biddeford Pool and no nother boats some good scouting in for second Maine season though.....Sunday I got out for Canadas in NH and was set in a field not previuosly hunted this year....we each got one out of a flock of six.....Bill assured us there would be two more flights so no one doubled....mistake....the other flights never arrived

we need migrant gese to move into our area NOW and then hang around for a month

good hunting anxious to hear how you're doing!
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