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The Virginia Waterfowlers' Association is a great bunch of people. They are all volunteers org. No member receives any compensation for the work that they do. The VAWFA is always looking for worthy projects, and always welcome their members participation at all events. The VAWFA has worked with the VADGIF on several projects including goose bandings, habitat restoration, and youth hunts. If you are interested in learning more about the organization, please contact the VAWFA :
The VAWFA encourages members to be proactive in other conservation organizations as well. Most of the members of the VAWFA be belong to DU & Delta.


The Virginia Waterfowlers' Association,
"Preserving our hunting heritage, protecting waterfowl, involving itself in
contemporary issues, passing on a legacy of responsibilities and ethics
by involving youth, educating sportsmen, and enhancing
the public perception of the waterfowler in the Commonwealth of Virginia."
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