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Vegas Hunters?

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Any Las Vegas duck hunters out there? I am looking for somone to hunt with next season.
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I am new to the Vegas area, just got stationed here from Korea and Spokane, Washington before that. I grew up in Washington and am an avid Duck, Goose, anything that flies/moves hunter. The only other guy that I know here that hunts is a guy that I work with. He lives up North near Logandale I believe. I am looking for a hunting partner, and someone that knows the area. I am pretty much lost when it comes to hunting here in Nevada. I just picked up a part time job at BassPro so I will be stocking up on everything. I gave my dog up to my best friend before I left to Korea, something that I greatly regret, so I don't have a dog currently. Do you know of any reputable breeders around ? Whiskey was a black lab, and I would prefer to stay with a lab, I don't think you can find a better partner.

I don't know how the hunting is here, but I am used to limiting out within the first couple of hours or so, if not minutes. I hunted a lot on private land that is owned/leased by my dad's best friend. You can check out the website it is and get a good idea to what I am used to.
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welcome to vegas. If you've read some of my posts, you'd see that I have hunted up north mostly. The duckin is better up there. There are a few places to go down here though. This year will be my first in southern NV, but I have done my fair amount of research and scouting. Overton (logandale) is good. That place is reservation only; therefore, I don't really want to go there. I'm setting my sights on Paranagat NWR near alamo. Takes about 1 hour and 10 min to get there. It is small but doesn't get the hunters that overton gets, and there is no reservations. Hunting days are mon, wed, and saturday only. Really, hunting (waterfowl) is limited here in vegas. You have to drive a ways away to get the best shooting. I am planning on checking out Paranagat in September--wouldn't mind having someone come with me. I too am in need of a hunting partner (here in vegas).

As far as breeders go...I have a Lab pup (6-months). He is from english lines. I got him from a very good breeder up north (gardnerville, NV). THis is my family's third dog from their kennel--all are more than pleased. Really I wouldn't recommend anyone else, but there is a breeder in overton I think. I'd be happy to meet you somewhere in town or at basspro (I live right around the corner). PM me with other questions or respond.


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Wow hunting days are really limited here in Nevada. I work during the week so I would only be able to hunt on Saturdays. You said that you live right around the corner, so do I. I live in Southern Highlands off of Decatur on Perrone Ave. If you want to go and scout I am all up for it. I work part time on the weekends at Circus Circus doing security, but when school starts back up, they won't need me as much so I will have some more free time. I don't mind driving, my buddies and I did a lot of driving up in washington to get to some of the best spots. But a lot of the time, all I had to do was drive about 5 minutes.

How is the deer hunting here in Nevada ? I know that I am too late to get a tag, but there is always next year. I have some relatives up in the Elko area, and my unlce said that there are a ton of deer up there.
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The deer hunting is ok. The meat tastes funny because all they eat is sage. Good salami though. It is fairly hard to get a tag. Surprisingly your elko relatives didn't mention the elk up there (numerous enough for NDOW to give out of season cow tags).

I am pretty familiar with southern highlands because have done much work out there for Richmond american homes. I live at warm springs and Durango. School eh? what ya studyin?

I'm not going to school, I ment that when school starts back up for the kids, we will slow down a lot. I work 5 days a week here at Nellis, and then the weekends at Circus Circus. I started orientation at Bass Pro last night. Our hand book says that we don't get a discount on firearms, but I talked to one of the firearms guys and he said that we get about a 50% discount from Remington. I don't know how much I will like working there, but it is worth it for the discounts. Skeet season starts today here on base, so I will be getting some practice for dove season. I don't remember if you said you hunt doves or not. Right now I am planning on heading up north a little ways. Let me know if you have any spots or tips for doves here. Up in washington, we just hunt between where the doves feed and there roost.
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I have never dove hunted, but I plan to this year. If you havn't noticed, were shooting allowed in the city we'd get out limits every day. Doves are everywhere in vegas. Get out to where you can shoot I'm not sure because of the lack of water. I know Overton is good dove hunting the first couple of weeks (I talked to a guy that goes there ever year). The first weekend is best but you need a reservation (for that weekend only). Then he said it really slows down after that. They grow sunflowers there specifically for the doves.

Man I have applied at basspro three times, and have never gotten a response. I am kinda jealous though I had a bad experience there--at the time I said I'd never go there again. But, it's the best resource around, and with huntin season comming up... I wouldn't mind taking advantage of that remington discount--that's for sure.
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hey guys been here in vegas 10 yrs found all kinds of duck unfortunately they are all on the golf courses i play at :gonna try cibola nwr this yr but am only able to hunt on mon/tues. i do shoot a lot of skeet if anyone wants to shoot let me know. pretty good caller lots of experience at duck hunting but all in texas. no dog right now but used to field trial labs with my brother( he still does and has field champs with pups on the way)
I'm 4 months new to Las Vegas and just found this site. Unfortunately, I sold my duck hunting stuff before moving here, but I am interested in upland bird hunting and in trap/sporting clays as well. I'm waiting until the end of November to get my hunting license because I don't want to pay non-resident rates, but I'll still have 2 months.
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