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Wal-Mart calls Police for photos of firearms Wal-Mart calls

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The following is a C&P off another site, a friend of mine from Winnipeg area had posted it up:

Well this is rather disturbing. The letter below was written by a woman in Barrie, Ontario who went to her local Walmart to have some film developed. When the store associates developed the film they saw pictures of her husbands handguns. They contacted the assistant manager who in turn called the Police.

I called the store in Barrie myself (705.728.9122) (
) to confirm if this actually happened. Mr. Manning is not at work for the next couple of days but I was able to speak with the store manager and yes, the letter appears to accurately reflect the facts.

To his credit, the store manager was very professional and apologized on behalf of his associates and the assistant manager who called the police but stated that "society" would agree that calling the police was the right thing to do. I voiced my concern with him regarding the legality of photos of handguns and firearm ownership in general but I doubt that it did any good. Maybe there will be enough back lash from all of us that he will understand that firearm ownership does not make you a criminal. What has happened to this country???


June 3, 2005

Wal-Mart Canada Inc.
1940 Argentia Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 1P9

Dear Sirs:

I am writing in regards to an incident that occurred last evening, June 2, 2005 at your Wal-Mart located at 35 Molson Park Drive, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 9H5.

I took a disposable camera in to be developed at approximately 7:00 pm and was told that they were running a little late and that it would take approximately an hour and a half and to come back at about 8:40 pm.

I decided to do a little shopping and grab a bite to eat. When I returned to the store at 8:30 pm, the cashier advised me that the pictures were not ready and it would be about 5 minutes and to take a seat. She then excused herself saying she had to use the restroom and before I could take my seat she had returned with a police officer in tow, along with the assistant manager Mr. Francis Manning.

You cannot imagine the surprise, embarrassment and humiliation I felt, being detained for almost an hour by the police, as I was not provided the anonymity of a private location while being questioned as to the contents of the film by the police officer. I did not realize that it was a crime to pick up film, and I am thankful only for the fact that my daughter was not with me.

On the film were pictures of 12 handguns, a photo of my place of residence and pictures of two of my children. After getting in touch with my husband for his required PAL number (Possession Acquisition Licence) which allows him to own the handguns, giving the information to the police officer, and after my husband speaking with the officer, a check was done which confirmed all the handguns were registered.

In the process of trying to reach my husband, Mr. Manning told me that if I had informed him as to what was on the film and provided him with the number (I assumed he was referring to the PAL number) there would not have been a problem.

I asked Mr. Manning when it became policy for Wal-Mart to contact the police when pictures of firearms were taken, as I have developed many photos of a similar nature in the past at the same location without any incident.

Upon my return home, my husband called the police department to verify that all information given would be strictly confidential, as an PAL number is a very personal piece of identification.

The following day, June 3, 2005, my husband contacted Wal-Mart Molson Park Drive and asked Mr. Manning if it was store policy that the police are called whenever a firearm is involved in a picture. His replied in an arrogant manner that it was not store policy, but that it was his personal agenda to call police whenever a gun appears in a picture.

My husband advised Mr. Manning that he would be letting all his hunting friends and all the gun clubs he belongs to know, that if they take their films to Wal-Mart Molson Park Drive for developing to make sure they have their PAL's with them so as not to cause the unnecessary embarrassment and humility that I went through. Mr. Manning suggested that, that would be a good idea, he also advised my husband that he should also inform the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and any other Firearms publications about HIS policy.

So I am now informing you that I have done just that. I have informed all of the friends my husband hunts with as well as the following clubs and publications:

Canadian Access to Firearms;
Canadian Shooters Rights (Edward L. Burlew, LL.B);
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters;
National Rifle Association;
Ontario Rifle Association;
Alliston District Sportsman's Club;
Base Borden Rod and Gun Club;
Elwood Epp's Hunting and Sports Store; and
The Wolf's Den Hunting and Sports Store.

As a company that sells ammunition and hunting gear, I would like to suggest that if it is your company's policy, or if it is the individual store policy, it should be posted as to not cause embarrassment or humiliation to any other customers as it was to me.


Cookstown, Ontario

Cc Wal-Mart Canada Inc.
35 Molson Park Drive
Barrie, Ontario L4N 9H5
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That is an absolute shame. I should only hope that Mr. Manning is fired for carrying out his personal beliefs while on the job.
Likely the gun owner was taking pictures for insurance reasons or to catalogue his firearms for a similar reason.
I think walmart should make some sort of apology for the actions of thier employee.
I hope this is not Walmart policy and only an employee acting on his own. If it is just an employee's action and not the chains policy then he should be made to publicly apologize and if he doesn't then he looses his job and the company makes the apology. Thats the way I see it.
Massive law suit until it becomes LAW to harass people for NO reason........this is NOT the same as stopping some unsavory looking character at 1 AM in a shady part of town......I would sue for $100 million and make it a class action suit. I'm telling you may be time very soon to sign up for your local militia otherwise at some point we wil be overrun by obama and his flock of sheep.........then the wolves will move in.
That is terrible, I would definetly be really upset if that happened to me. If that was me that they did that to I would have told them up front that they lost all my bussiness with them because there actions.
I've got an idea: take your camera into Wally World and take pictures of the guns in the sporting goods section and have them developed by them again. Before they are developed, call the cops yourself, complain that they develop pictures with guns. :hammer: This is a crummy situation.
longlakesd said:
what a ***
Who? You mean **** who post their kill totals? :lol3: :lol:
Sad and scary at the same time. You can thank the Toronto media for that one, and the head of propaganda, mayor David Miller. Nothing like gouging for votes during times of escalated, illegal, gun violence, by picking on sport shooters, olympians, and duck hunters.
Since when do you need a PAL to have/take pictures of firearms???? There is no legal requirement that I can locate that states you need to tell anyone what you have taken pictures of let alone provide your PAL # to them. (wrt pics not purchases) Of course I moved out of the Peoples Republic of Ontario a long time ago.
UNEXCEPTABLE! When Walmart publish's an aplogy to this victim then I will return to their stores.
mikek said:
UNEXCEPTABLE! When Walmart publish's an aplogy to this victim then I will return to their stores.
forget that, walmart has shady practices. they've lost my business forever. I'd sooner pay more for shells at the local gas station that set foot in sam waltons empire!
it's a terrible shame when the privacy of a firearms owner is violated in such a way. there's nothing worse in my opinion. it's an all to common situation that i've run into that people fear firearms and scoff at hunters calling them barbaric and inhumane. some people just don't get it. i'm sure somewhere there's statistics showing that dui's are more pervolent than violent crimes involving firearms. and this whole manditor gun registry is just a crock in my opinion just to get money and allow gungho cops an excuse to call in the swat everytime someone calls and there's a hunter at the address (i've heard it happen).
i think we should institute a policy of slapping idiots like this guy up side the head, how very unprofessional. it's not like it was pics of little kids in various states of undress.
Trois_beaux_canards said:
mikek said:
UNEXCEPTABLE! When Walmart publish's an aplogy to this victim then I will return to their stores.
forget that, walmart has shady practices. they've lost my business forever. I'd sooner pay more for shells at the local gas station that set foot in sam waltons empire!
Perhaps a copy of this letter should be sent to Wal Mart head office stating that you and every one you know who has been sent this letter, will from now on, boycot this store, and any other stores with this policy and thank them for their support. You have to put a dent in their sales to make an impression. In Moncton, NB, a large Mall told our veterans that they could not sell Popies for Rememberance Day in the Mall. The people responsible for that policy are no longer working for the Mall and that story went nation wide. Dieppe used to be called LeBlanc's Corner but since so many men from there lost their lives overseas during the War the name was changed to Dieppe. It's that kind of national coverage that gets attention, although not as important as the Dieppe Mall situation it is nevertheless very important to those involved and is to those that have been informed of your situation. At the very least this person should lose their position IMO. Wal Mart just lost my business and perhaps a few bucks more to the local guys who are trying to survive in the business of selling guns and ammo is where we should be dealing anyway. Lost
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Thats just messed up , i spent christmas last year in New York State and went to a wal-mart there and there hunting section had guns out ammo on the shelves , the counter personal while not really knowledgable on guns where great to deal with . Makes me wish i would have snapped a few pic's of them then turn around and have them developed at wal-mart in Canada lmao .
You just never know anymore to many morons with nothing but axes to grind about stuff they have no clue about , hmmmm i just described our goverment .lol
Has there been a formal written apology received from Wal Mart?
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