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I'll admit that I tend to look at the world thru grey colored glasses. Fueled more by what I've seen rather than what I'd like to see.

So here it is. I just finished reading the latest issue of wildfowl magazine. It came as no surprise to me, but it may to you or at the very least, motivate duck huunters to action.

The first article was "Season in Review" It was in reference to the Canadian waterfowl season 2004. In short I'll para phrase. " in 44 years of hunting, the best season for geese and one of the worst for ducks. Sadly alot of the article mentioned no young birds being present. Sounds like Minnesota. The article covered nearly all the provinces of Canada.

Next an article on Gale Norton signing the NAWMP...a good thing

That is until you realize that in 1986 when it was called for a spring breeding count of 62 million birds....Today 32 million...nearly 20 years have passed and we are no where near the goal.....and as you read this....more acres are being lost......

Time to act
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