In the past couple decades, I've seen the waterfowling industry become cluttered with more gear then any crew could ever afford or keep track of. Products designed with the sole purpose of making your waterfowling trips more productive and comfortable. Without a doubt, waterfowlers are becoming very good at harvesting waterfowl in all situations. But something that was always missing was a true knife designed solely for the purpose of cleaning birds right. A knife that can not only clean efficiently and effectively without waste, but can also handle all the tasks in bird cleaning. Well look no more, the ErgoHunter Waterfowler by Buck Knives is here.

Waterfowlers Knife

When Buck Knives approached me with the idea months ago, I was quick to jump at the opportunity to help create such a knife. After all, who produces more quality than Buck Knives? After experimenting with many different knife styles, we came up with a design that I feel is second to none for cleaning waterfowl and upland game. The knife features a black Alcryn® Rubber no-slip grip that fits perfectly in your hand. There's no discomfort even after cleaning a large bag of birds. The blade is short, only 2 1/2" long that makes it ideal to get into tight spots. It also allows you to put a lot of force into your cutting which is ideal for fast cleaning. As to the sharpness? It's made from Buck Knives so you know it is lazer sharp. And it's also made with quality right here in the USA and at an affordable price.

I've had a lot of feedback from fellow hunters on this knife and it's been nothing but praise. This is something to get for those have-it-all waterfowlers this holiday season. You can find it at: