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We Are Now Officially Screwed...Loss Of CRP...

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Most of us have been talking about how ethanol would kill CRP for the past few years. Well, the talking is over...It's officially happened. I saw this map on nodak and it really hit me. After years of speculation, it is now reality.

Look at how much of the missouri couteau will be losing GREATER than 65% of their CRP! ALL OF IT!!!

The worst part is the areas losing the most acres coincidentally have the highest duck nesting densities (and best production) on the continent.

From DU;
New federal figures show almost 420,000 acres of North Dakota CRP were converted to cropland in 2007. That's more than 12 percent of all CRP acres in the state.

"If this trend holds for CRP contracts across the country, we won't have many acres of CRP left in a few years and wildlife populations will suffer serious declines," said Scott McLeod, Farm Bill specialist with DU's Great Plains Regional Office.

US Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency statistics compiled by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department shows 16 North Dakota counties have CRP losses greater than 15 percent. Stutsman County had the highest loss with 65.3 square miles.
That last part is insane! 65 square miles of CRP lost in the Jamestown area alone!

We all need to enjoy these next couple falls as much as possible (and cherish the memories of the last several) because we are really going to be hurting for birds. CRP acres in the US contribute to an additional 2 million ducks in the fall flight each year.

The loss of CRP is essentially going to create a perpetual drought on the prairies. :sad:
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Wow you and Don will be best friends. Its frustrating that people cant see the big picture. I also would hope that many on here wont agree with you but hey you never know. CRP is one of the best things to EVER happen to ducks and geese and other wildlife. The merits of this program to hunters of which this forum is based on are immense.

Those gov subsidies you talk about keep small time farmers in buisness. You obivously have no clue how hard it is for a small family farmer to stay in buisness when Multi National Conglomerates are stealing Century farms out from under the owners left and right. Big buisness is as bad as Big Gov. Most farmers are Republican, that may be true but most people dont enjoy being lopped into one mass stereotype and I would think that farmers would be one.
What about the benefit of degenerate kids grown up on welfare?

Good point clutch
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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