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Weapon of Choice, which would you...

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I've been shooting a Winchester Super X2 for a while now and was thinking of buying another shotgun. The two I have in mind are the Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 and the Beretta Xtrema 2. Both are excellent duck hunting autos. What would be your first choice and WHY??? Oh yeah, don't think I want you to limit your choices to the two I had in mind. I would be interested in your opinion regardless, if you have valid points, of course.
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You guys are way too "modern" for me.....I shoot a 12 GA Remington Model 10 (1908) 99% of the time and a 12GA Winchester Model 12 (1914) on occasion. The Remington has been 100% reliable, but the Winchester is worth a lot more. Both were handed down by my father. He said if I didn't use them, he'd take them back. Also passed down a second 12GA extended barrel and forearm with a variable choke for the Remington. Haven't used it yet.

FYI- The Benelli is a better fit and feel for me, but not by much.
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