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Decided to stay in on Saturday morning - was scheduled to be out for seaducks but weather controlled the hunt. Seas were 4-7 footers and there was a stiff NW wind steady at 20mph with gusts to 40. Gale warnings were posted. Went home and raked all day to finish off one dreaded chore!

Got out yesterday morning for geese in a field where I only hunt occaisionally. Since it was the last day of the first season I wanted a sucessful hunt and took a friend who hadn't been out all season. On the first flight in we each missed on two shots from the brush line - maybe forty yards, so we decided to lay in the dekes. Within 10 minutes thirty are cirling and we each finished the day with doubles. Maybe 20 yards ot when we sat up. All good kills. Got out of the field while birds continued to want in.

Three weeks 'till the second season starts. Will be on the ocean as much as possible. There are alot of geese filling the area and I hope that weather does not force them out. Also, there are many more mallards and blacks than usual for this time of year. Teal seem to be gone along with the woodies. Haven't seen either in two weeks.

man that duck hunting on the sea sounds like it would be rough,compared to hunting the river,but id like to try it just once.
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